1. Demulsifiers

1.1. Crude oil

  • Products formulated to obtain the maximum performance with the smallest possible dosage, easily adapting to any kind of crude oil.
  • Products allow an optimal water fall with a great definition of the interface line.
  • Products can be used in holding tanks with crude oil out of specifications.
  • Residence time, depending on crude oil specifications, in separation tanks to leave the crude oil under specifications.
  • Products favour the protection and longevity of the surface equipment, reducing costs of corrective maintenance, protecting manufacturing lines and diminishing the pressures linked with the crude oil management which flows through them.

1.2. Marine Pollution – Marpol

  • The product OLBENTAG 4080 is being successfully sold in the national market.
  • Tailored product.
  • We collaborate with Marpol Waste Management in Spain, where they inform us about their work methodologies, required dosages and process temperature, as well as required residence time.
  • Product economically viable and efficient.
  • Extraction of the waste dehydration with a complete break of the emulsion, waterfall and deposits, leaving the hydrocarbons within the specifications for their subsequent valuation.

At Oxford Oil we aim to create added value to our clients through our products, using tailored formulations, accomplishing investigations in for treatment plans when our clients tell us about their requirements in detail. In this way we can create more efficient products than our competitors.
2. Cleaning of environmental liabilities
  • Immediate results due to their high decreasing product.
  • Products valid for both beach sand and smoother soils, being necessary in that case to apply a second process of washing and spinning.
  • Recovering of 99 % of the crude oil for its reuse.
The product is formulated for the crude oil or fuel division from the contaminated soils in case of accidental spills or environmental liabilities. This kind of accidents cause terrestrial contamination by hydrocarbons (tank spills, duct breaking, crashing…) which unavoidably reach our coasts.

We have designed compact equipment for the treatment of contaminated land with hydrocarbons, which through the application of our chemical product with water and adding a simple agitation process achieves the complete separation of the crude oil of the land, leaving it completely clean and allows recovering 100% of the crude oil. It is an easily transportable compact system and economically feasible.

3. Cleaning of oil tanks
  • Shaking not required.
  • It works at non altered temperature (15ºC)
  • Residence time from 24 to 72 hours.
  • Product applied once diluted at 1% in any kind of water.
  • Total crude oil recovery.
  • Specialized personnel not required.It does not need agitation
Product formulated for the cleaning of the heavy crude oil or fuel oil storage tank walls. It also removes the hydrocarbon present in the base if it does not contain a high percentage of sediments (in case there are accumulated sediments of difficult extraction, a treatment with the environmental liabilities cleaning products should be applied).
4. Oil viscosity and friection reducer
  • Product formulated to be injected in oil pipelines transporting dehydrated crude oils and API’s low gravity.
  • Once injected, the product performance does not diminish due to temperature changes nor the course of time.
  • It reduces the crude oil viscosity.
  • It favors the increasing of the API rank.
  • It reduces the pressure in the transportation system of crude oil.
  • It lengthen the lifespan of surface equipment.
  • It reduces the power consumption and inputs of heat.
  • It diminishes significantly the application of solvents.
  • It inhibits the wear of pipes and accessories due to corrosion effects.
Positive results are obtained using our oil viscosity reducer, from an injection of 200pmm, achieving important drops of viscosity and increases in the API gravity of treated crude oils.